Makeshift hockey Halloween costumes for thrifty trick-or-treaters

Halloween is this Sunday, which means the clock is ticking on your costume options. Unless you're happy being the 1,000,001st person with a "Jersey Shore" outfit on Oct. 31, perhaps you'd prefer something from the land of puck? Like stealing this awesome pylon idea from Toronto Maple Leafs fans of yore.

Houses of the Hockey presented its list of makeshift NHL Halloween costumes for 2010, including:

NBC: Wear multi-coloured feathers. Show up late to the party and only associate with the most popular people there. Continuously make terrible decisions. Leave before the party ends.

Gary Bettman: Wear a badly tailored suit or a Sidney Crosby(notes) jersey. Do whatever the person wearing the NBC costume asks you to do.

Brian Burke: Wear a suit and be brash and loud the entire night. Offer the person standing next to you your Snickers bar in exchange for two Mars and a Twizzlers. If that doesn't work, ship the next two years of your kids' Halloween candy to someone else in exchange for a box of Smarties.

Dion Phaneuf(notes): Wear whatever Sean Avery(notes) wore a few years ago.

With that, we offer a few of our own:

Chris Pronger(notes): With a hammer and chisel, create a Letterman-esque gap in your front teeth. Dye hair blonde. Attach two bags of other teams' game pucks to belt. Strap to your back a giant whiteboard with the words "Is Gay" scribbled on it. Elbow anyone who asks who you're supposed to be.

John Tortorella: Find online instructions for makeshift Arthur Fonzerelli costume. Locate water bottle for crowd control. Shout expletives at newspapers in neighbors' driveways.

The Vancouver Media: Wear slacks and a button-down shirt, along with a fedora that has a piece of white cardboard with the word "press" on it. When little kids come to the door and say "trick or treat," answer, "Trick, obviously, because the elitist East Coast establishment would never allow Vancouver to have a treat, you conspiratorial swine."

Mike Green(notes) in the Playoffs: Tell everyone you're at the party but don't actually leave your house.

Have you worn, or will you wear, a makeshift Halloween costume? Do you have hockey imagery in your Halloween front lawn displays? Email pics to Meanwhile, in the comments: Got any other great makeshift hockey Halloween costumes to share?

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