When Madonna needs ‘sexy’ written on her, she turns to NHL rookies (VIDEO)

Freakishly fit quinquagenarian Madonna took her latest tour to the Verizon Center this week, and look who showed up at the home of the Washington Capitals? Why, it was Washington Capitals!

Forward Marcus Johansson and prospect Mattias Sjogren, who was called up to the team last season, had front row tickets near the stage for the show. A show that, apparently, requires occasional audience participation. We'll let Russian Machine Never Breaks, which broke this tale, explain the rest:

You see, during a break in music, Madonna chatted up her fans and asked if anyone would like to write a four letter word which describes her on her back. As Madonna gazed out to the crowd, she settled on two young Swedish men in the front row — who happened to be Washington Capitals forwards Mattias Sjogren and Marcus Johansson — and tossed them a marker.

Sjogren took the marker. At this point, he could have chosen any of a thousand appropriate words for the occasion, such as:

• "Olde"
• "Back"
• "Gaga"
• "Escrow" (OK, that's more than four letters, but could you blame an NHLer for it at this point?)

The word he chose: "SEXY." On her back. "Sexy back." Good grief.

Watch the entire thing play out in real time, as the Material Girl gets Sweded.

Congrats to Mattias Sjogren for going where no hockey player has gone before Mark Messier went there in 1991

s/t Russian Machine Never Breaks and Linus Hugosson

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