Luongo: Game 5 goal Thomas gave up ‘an easy save for me’

Roberto Luongo speaks the truth in this post-Game 5 comment about Max Lapierre's game-winning goal: Tim Thomas plays aggressively, and thus is susceptible to the type of goal Kevin Bieksa's bank-pass set up.

So keep that in mind while you listen to one NHL goalie explain that a goal surrendered by another NHL goalie would have been "an easy save for me."

For the video-impaired:

"It's not hard if you're playing in the paint. It's an easy save for me, but if you're wandering out and aggressive like he does, that's going to happen. He might make some saves that I won't, but in a case like that, we want to take advantage of a bounce like that and make sure we're in a good position to bury those."

Luongo stopped 31 shots in the 1-0 shutout victory, his second whitewash of the Boston Bruins at Rogers Arena in the series. After giving up 12 goals in Boston and returning with that kind of effort … yeah, one can understand how Luongo might be feeling a little confident on Friday night.

But this was just analysis, not swagger. Although one imagines the Boston media, with two days to kill, might not treat it as such.

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