Luke Gazdic, Milan Lucic square off in epic heavyweight tilt (Video)

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Much is made of the Boston Bruins' toughness, but really, it's just based on two guys: Zdeno Chara and Milan Lucic, both of whom take regular shifts, and both of whom are absolutely terrifying gentlemen with whom to trade fists. It's a great situation for everyone else. When you have a pair of guys with a reputation for rarely losing bouts that few are eager to test, the whole team can play bigger.

But occasionally, Lucic and Chara are going to have to prove they're still elite punchers of the face, and on Thursday night versus the Edmonton Oilers, Lucic was asked to do just that, squaring off with Luke Gazdic.

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The fight was a true heavyweight tilt, with some absolute bombs thrown. But here's what makes this one really notable: You could argue that Gazdic won it.

I'm going to give the decision to Gazdic, but even if you disagree, I think it's safe to say he didn't lose. And that's something. Lucic is a terror.

It really couldn't have worked out better for Gazdic, who has a likely date with Zack Kassian next. Back in the preseason, Kassian broke Sam Gagner's jaw with a reckless stick swing, and one assumes a little payback is on the menu Friday night in Vancouver. But Kassian's not concerned.

“Obviously I'm not too worried about someone coming after me," he said, recently. "I have no problem standing up for myself. If they want to get some type of revenge, the door is open. Go ahead.”

Mind you, he said this before Gazdic handled Milan Lucic. Still up for it, Zack?

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