Lou Lamoriello sued for $2M; suit claims he laughed at fired employees

Lou Lamoriello sued for $2M; suit claims he laughed at fired employees

Ever see the movie “Horrible Bosses” and wonder where they came up with all their material? Probably from Lou Lamoriello as noted in a $2.25 million lawsuit filed in U.S. District court by former president of Devils Arena Entertainment, Richard Krezwick.

There’s a lot of legal mumbo jumbo and stuff, but here is the best part, by far, which is buried way low in the NJ.com story about this. Why? I don’t know because it’s incredible:

Several weeks after Krezwick learned he would be let go, several of his senior managers were fired by the Devils, the lawsuit says.

“Lamoriello physically positioned himself in a chair at the base of the employee elevator of the arena so that he could watch these individuals pass by with their boxes of personal belongings in order to leave the building directly after they were fired and to laugh as they passed by, as to take credit for their firing,” the lawsuit adds.

Oh. My. God.

On the one hand, that sounds horrible. On the other, it’s hilarious. On another … it’s just sooooo Lou.

And lastly … dude isn’t suing ‘The Devils’ per the story. He’s just suing Lamoriello. New Jersey justice baby!

The lawsuit seeks damages of at least $2.39 million for Lamoriello’s alleged interference in his prospective contract as well as an order restraining Lamoriello from “impugning Krezwick’s professional reputation and interfering in present and prospective contractual relationships.”

And there’s more. Oh yes, there’s more.

Apparently in the story Krezwick said Lou treated him as his “nemesis” during his time with the Devils. Who uses that term outside of action movies?

And weekly sit-down chats didn’t do much either supposedly.

“The meetings continued to occur and grow more acrimonious for several months, until the final meeting when Lamoriello launched into a vulgarity-laced personal attack on Krezwick,” the lawsuit states. “Lamoriello then abruptly left the room and refused to resume that meeting or take part in any future meetings.”

If the Devils actually fire Lou, he’ll have time to deal with this lawsuit that was seemingly brought out of spite. Oh joy. Happy retirement!

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