Losing the season ‘not an option’; Ovi’s moustache clause; someone bit John Tavares (Puck Headlines)

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• Carey Price tweets a photo of a coyote he just killed. Somewhere, a Glendale taxpayer sighs. [Deadspin]

• Don't forget: Y!'s Buzzing the Net has all your World Junior coverage. And while you're at it, don't forget that Canada is superior in every conceivable way. [Buzzing the Net]

• The NHL's new offer involves a move away from their demands on contract length, the hill they were once willing to die on. Ah, negotiations. Plus this: "The league is willing to allow one buyout per-term that won’t count against the cap, but it will come out of the players’ share of hockey related revenues." [Ottawa Sun]

• Mark Spector's column on the offer includes this tidbit: "The rumour is out that the owners have informed commissioner Gary Bettman that losing a season is simply 'not an option,' an order we believe has been in place since September." [Sportsnet]

• Alex Ovechkin has renewed his contract with Gillette. The new deal reverses the ban on Ovi sporting facial hair, and I do mean reverses: he's not required to grow a moustache for Movember. [RMNB]

• Is Gary Bettman trying to crush Donald Fehr? [Spector's Hockey]

• Tyler Seguin's adventure in Switzerland is about to come to an end. "Tyler Seguin will leave EHC Biel and Switzerland after the Spengler Cup. We would like to thank him for 25 goals and wish him all the best!" [@EHCBiel]

• Speaking of the Swiss League, here's a thing that happened there recently: someone bit John Tavares on the freaking ribs. The story: Tavares had a guy in a headlock. That guy got bitey. Then, of course, he denied it, because that's what hockey players do after they bite someone. I wish someone would just own it: "Yep. Bit him. Highlight of my night."   [Lightouse Hockey]

• Jon Miller, president of programming at NBCSN, which is doing some innovative stuff: "We never had any indication that this situation with the NHL was going to last until January. It was always our understanding that this was going to be a tweak and a fix.” [Boston Globe]

• Two former NHLers have been arrested after a fight at a Jack in the Box. "Jean Francois Jomphe, a former Anaheim Duck and 39-year-old Aliso Viejo resident, was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery and vandalism, and Richard Anthony Costello, a former Toronto Maple Leaf and 49-year-old Dana Point resident, was arrested on suspicion of assault, Laguna Beach Police Department Lt. Jason Kravetz said." Their first mistake was going to Jack in the Box. [Coastline Pilot]

• Team USA's promising squad at the World Juniors is a win for Gary Bettman. [Sporting News]

• No sympathy for the out-of-work arena worker here. Attacking the "myth" of lost livelihoods during the NHL lockout. [Arctic Ice Hockey]

• Go back in time and relive the night Teeder Kennedy almost killed Gordie Howe. [Greatest Hockey Legends]

• A fond farewell to Travis Hair, who is stepping down as the editor of Five For Howling. [Five For Howling]

• An explanation for the early first-line struggles of Team USA: "For the second straight game, there wasn’t much to convince us that the Americans’ No. 1 line of Johnny Gaudreau, JT Miller and Rocco Grimaldi were good enough to fill the net with pucks as we’ve seen them do at the college and pro levels, and now we have a pretty good idea why: They have been replaced by Russian body doubles." [The Sleeping Giant]

• In praise of Morris Hills goaltender Adam Katz, who recently recorded an astounding 74 saves in one game. His team still lost the game, 11-2, because his team is clearly terrible. [Prep Rally]

• Jannik Hansen has been getting a team-low 7:20 in icetime on his Finnish team for what appears to be no reason. Thankfully, he's getting a promotion because the team's star center, Alexander Barkov, is at the World Juniors. [PITB]

• Marc-Andre Fleury's new mask has some neat appeals to the Pittsburgh Penguins' goaltending history, in the form of hockey cards. [InGoal Mag]

• Sounds like the Minnesota Wild are mulling a new road sweater, which is excellent news, since their current road sweater is the worst thing in life. [Icethetics]

• And finally, if you still haven't seen it yet, here's Patrick Kane obliterating Cory Schneider with a flurry of dekes on the shootout in Switzerland. Next time someone screams, "You have to go in with speed!" show them this and tell them they don't know what they're talking about.

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