Logan Couture’s mustache is something you can’t not see (Photo)

November is nearly over, which means Movember is nearly over, which means Logan Couture can finally shave, to the delight of everyone who’s totally creeped out by his mustache.

That was the San Jose Sharks star after Wednesday night’s 3-2 shootout win over the rival Los Angeles Kings. Viewers couldn’t help but notice the dead caterpillar that had crawled up and died on his upper lip.

Some of them … well, some of them saw the mustache as a bit of a German import. You know, like an Audi.

So … run out of shaving cream? Did he lose a bet? Huge Michael Jordan fan?

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Listen: Caaaaaaalm down people.

Here’s Logan Couture on a Nov. 23 video:

As you can see, it’s just a terrible mustache that, from a certain angle, might resemble something a bit more infamous.

But again, we’re fairly certain it’s just a terrible, terrible mustache ... but one that certainly sparked a furor last night.