‘The Lockout Song’ is our favorite cynical NHL fan anthem of 2012 (VIDEO)

More and more NHL fans are asking, "What can I do to show these greedy jerks how cheesed off I am about the lockout?" We all know arena boycotts don't work because, well, we all love hockey too much. But what about something we can live without — like, for example, official merchandise?

That's the rallying cry of "The Lockout Song," the latest unofficial fan anthem of the 2012 NHL work stoppage. Arun (aka "exanimeau" on YouTube) previously graced the world with "Hey There Iginla"; now he's transformed Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours" into an anti-lockout screed. Watch, laugh, enjoy and tell a friend:

No mini-Zambonis or bellybutton rings? Labor war is indeed hell.

Watching this charming music video, we're suddenly reminded of something that, at times, gets lost when a bunch of adults are squabbling over millions of dollars: They're about to alienate millions of kids that love, or have grown to love, this league.

That alone might make you want to hold off on buying that officially licensed lamp for a while …