Liz Habib is back with another classic LA Kings highlights gaffe (Video)

Based on the last two seasons, we’re working on a theory about the Los Angeles Kings: Their success in the postseason is in direct proportion with the amount of incredible gaffes and bloopers the local media makes about the team and its players.

For example: Liz Habib is a sports reporter for FOX 11 in Los Angeles. She occasionally does LA Kings highlights. In the playoffs, they tend to go horribly, horribly wrong.

So with 10 minutes left in the third period of Game 4, Willie Mitchell scored for the Los Angeles Kings to cut the San Jose Sharks’ lead to 2-1.

Except it wasn’t Willie Mitchell, who has three career playoff goals in 71 games. It was Mike Richards, who has 22 in 94 games.

Because Willie Mitchell wasn’t playing in Game 4.

Because Willie Mitchell hasn’t played since Game 6 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final.

Because Willie Mitchell’s knee is so [expletived] that he’ll likely miss parts of the 2013-14 season.

But we do appreciate Liz’s mathematical explanation concerning what happens when a team in a 2-2 series wins Game 5.

If Liz Habib’s name rings a bell, perhaps the name “Brad Doty” rings one. Yes, she was the sportscaster behind the Greatest Highlights Train Wreck of the 2013 Playoffs.

Please advance, LA Kings. YouTube needs you.