‘My Little Blackhawk’ is a Tumblr dedicated to drawings of the Blackhawks as ponies

Tumblr is a strange and fascinating landscape, home to all sorts of oddities. There's a Tumblr that photoshops tacos onto album covers. There's one dedicated solely to animated gifs of people eating in reverse. There's one that just posts the same picture of Dave Coulier every day. (Yahoo! Sports has its own Tumblr, too.)

There's also one dedicated exclusively to drawings of the Chicago Blackhawks as ponies. It's called "My Little Blackhawk", and it's amazing.

Like all great stories, this one begins with Patrick Kane at a party.

You'll recall that, shortly after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, photos surfaced of the Conn Smythe winner wearing a unicorn head because that's just how he gets down:

Ain't no party like a unicorn party. Anyway, that great moment in Blackhawks history inspired this great moment in pony-drawing history:

And on the foundation of Uni-Kane, a great Tumblr was built.

Since then, other moments from the Blackhawks' Cup run have gotten the pony treatment, such as this standout hockey hug between Kane and Andrew Shaw.

And now the blog appears to be branching out to other clubs. Even the bromance between the LA Kings and Columbus Blue Jackets Twitter accounts has been ponified.

Weird. Tumblr, man.

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