Linus Klasen proves simple shootout trickery works vs. Russia (Video)

Lately, we’ve seen goal-scorers using “Forsberg” moves and all sorts of majestic dekes to baffle opposing goaltenders.

That’s why Linus Klasen’s shootout goal for Sweden against Russia in the Karlaja Cup tournament is a thing of beauty: simplicity. It’s like enjoying a 20-course tasting menu and then relaxing with a craft cheeseburger.

You might not pick up on the move at first, but hang with the replays: Klasen skates in on the Russian goalie, and right before you’d expect him to shoot, he passes the puck off his left skate back to his stick and fires it past him stick side.

Simple and effective. In other words, the total opposite of the last Klasen goal we featured (RIP spin-o-rama).

s/t HockeyWebCaster