After breaking ribs in collision, Sabres coach Lindy Ruff’s new jacket has a stop sign on it

Why yes, that is a stop sign on the back of Lindy Ruff's jacket.

It's a good idea. You'll recall that, back in February, Ruff was forced to watch three games from the press box after breaking three ribs in a collision with Buffalo Sabres defenseman Jordan Leopold.

The Sabres have had their issues with players hitting supposedly untouchable members of their personnel, and after Brendan Shanahan let Leopold off the hook, thus declaring open season on coaches, something had to be done. Ruff's new jacket, a gentle reminder to his players that he has the right of way, is a good innovation.

Ruff sported the new gear at practice on Friday. From WGRZ:

The jacket had a "stop" sign on the back and a "yield" sign on the front. "That's my on ice, just a little bit of extra protection. Guys notice the stop sign and yield so they don't run me over," said Ruff after practice.

The jacket was made as a joke by Ruff's friend and PGA golfer Dudley Hart.

There's still a chance the Sabres could avoid joining Hart on the golf course next month.

At the time of Ruff's injury, the Sabres were a point out of the basement in the Eastern Conference, but they've put together a late push, and now find themselves only three points out of eighth place. A playoff berth is a distinct possibility with a strong finish, especially with a game versus the Capitals, the team they're attempting to catch, in 10 days. Frankly, right now, they can't afford another "Ruff" collision (heyo!).

s/t to Carlo for the tip.

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