Lightning fan’s hockey-centric prom proposal actually worked (Photo)

Ah, the pressure of a high-school prom. The tux and the dress. Deciding on a limo. The post-prom party destinations. But before getting to any of that, there’s the first essential question: Whom am I taking, and how shall I ask them?

Alec Ohlensehlen of Land O' Lakes, Fla. (mmmmm, butterrrry…) knew he was taking his girlfriend Amber to the Sunlake High School prom. It was just a matter of how to formally ask her. So, being that they're both huge Tampa Bay Lightning fans …

… this is how he decided to do it.

Here’s Alec with the lowdown:

"We breathe bolts hockey. And prom is coming up and I wanted to think of a creative way to ask her to prom.

“Seeming how we are both hockey fans I wanted it to be hockey related. So I taped a bunch of cards to the garage (as many Bolts players as I could) and shaped the letters of PROM either that cards. But I wanted to include the Tampa Bay Lightning logo so I made that the ‘O’.

“I drove her to my house with the garage open and then once in the driveway closed it to reveal ‘PROM’. She loved it and if course said yes.”

Well, of course she did. What girl can resist the siren’s song of the hockey prom proposal? Remember that Bruins fan who enlisted random people at the game for an elaborate invitation to prom for a girl he wasn’t even dating? She said yes too.

Alec said he isn’t sure if the hockey theme will carry over to the prom itself, although there’s always the chance for “a dress in the Tampa Bay Lightning blue.”

Hey, if it’s a Lightning dress she wants, there’s a Panthers fan that might be able to help her with that …

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