Leonardo DiCaprio watches Islanders game, prays no one notices (Video)

Kevin Connolly is a New York Islanders superfan, to the point where he used to sneak multiple references to the team onto ENTOURAGE while playing Eric ‘E’ Murphy for eight seasons and a movie.

He’s also been a member of Leonardo DiCaprio’s posse since the days when Leo was on the cover of Tiger Beat. Much like how Silver Surfer is the herald for Galactus, when one sees Kevin Connolly, one can never be sure if they’ll see Leonardo.

On Saturday, the Islanders hosted the Buffalo Sabres in a game with playoff seeding implications. Connolly was in the house at Barclays Center. Seated next to him was an individual wearing a Cal hat and very much looking like he didn’t want to attract attention to himself.

MSG Network identified him as DiCaprio, making him the most famous person to attend an Islanders home game since Hilary Duff.

We can only assume why DiCaprio felt the need for anonymity. Perhaps the bear from “The Revenant” was seated a few rows over. Perhaps he was concerned about potential future ‘Kiss-Cam’ awkwardness. Perhaps he was convinced some townie from Flatbush was going to corner him for 20 minutes to talk about how he was “the bomb, yo” in “Gangs Of New York.”

Perhaps he was just busy checking his phone to see how many Victoria's Secret models swiped right. Or, perhaps, he was taking the Islanders' advice and watching the game on his phone due to all the obstructed seats in Brooklyn.

In any event, we haven’t seen someone so determined not to be associated with the Islanders since Dan Boyle.


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