Legion of Doom reunion off? Mikael Renberg can’t get off work

Puck Daddy

On Wednesday, Eric Lindros formally declared that he'll appear in the Philadelphia Flyers' 2012 Winter Classic alumni game against the New York Rangers on Dec. 31, expecting to reform the fabled Legion of Doom line with John LeClair and Mikael Renberg.

Lindros cautioned that no one had yet spoken to Renberg about the reunion; but someone has, in fact, spoken on Renberg's behalf — his employer, SVT state television in Sweden.

Renberg is a hockey commentator for the network, and calls national junior team games. On Dec. 31, the day of the alumni game in the NHL, Sweden plays Russia in the 2012 World Junior Championship tournament in Alberta. Which, as you might imagine, is a pretty big game.

Renberg told Aftonbladet (translated) that, "I'm not sure if I can join the reunion, I monitor JVM for SVT at the same time." Via Bill Meltzer, from SVT.se, Renberg said: "Of course it would be nice to meet up with Eric and John but now I have a contract with SVT and have to do my job."

(Worse yet: He has to watch the Quick Stop that day and can't make it to the street hockey game with Randal.)

His producer, Max Bursell, wrote on Twitter this morning (rough translation): "Open letter to Eric Lindros: Sorry, but Renberg has another [job] for himself that day."

Is "booooooooooo!" translated as "booooooooo!" in Swedish? Or should we be whistling right now?

Oh well … maybe Lindros can hook up with Mark Recchi and Brent Fedyk for a Crazy 8s Line reunion instead.

Big thanks to our friend in Sweden, Håkan Onäng, for the tip.

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