Leave your wedding cards in this depressing Nassau Coliseum-shaped gift box (PHOTO)

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Nassau Coliseum is not loved. "There is probably no worse major-league facility right now in North America than the Nassau Coliseum," Gary Bettman said in 2009, though a May Time Magazine article disagreed, naming Nassau only North America's second-worst. Charles Wang has been trying to get his club out of there for years.

But while Nassau gets no love, it has managed to help two people find it. Newlywed couple Sarah and Mike got together while working at Nassau (perhaps out of a deep-seated need for some emotion to override the despair of being in it).

And in honour of their heinously situated meet cute, their friend Bryan made them the gift box above.

I'm not particularly sure why you'd publicize a meeting at Nassau. Isn't that sort of embarrassing, like telling people you met while married to separate people?

The image of this depressing receptacle comes to us via Deadspin, who also have a second image in which you can read the placard at the replica arena's base. "They found love in a hopeless place", it says.

Hopeless indeed. Here's what Katie Baker had to say about Nassau last summer. From Grantland:

Built in 1972, the Coliseum is the second-oldest NHL arena behind only Madison Square Garden (which is currently undergoing extensive renovations that will span several summers.) The roof leaks. Chairs and fixtures are beginning to crumble. The air-conditioning system is wonky, and that means the ice surface is, too. If The Coliseum sounds like some sort of torture chamber that's because it basically is, complete with a victim who has been chained up, ball-gagged, and held hostage for years within the arena's cold depths: the Islanders franchise.

Good Lord. Because nothing says "new marriage" like a torturous, crumbling institution in which everyone inside feels like a hostage and desperately wants out.

Anyway. For contrast, here's an aerial view of Nassau Coliseum, so you can see what a good job Bryan did.

Now, if only Bryan wasn't the only one in Long Island working hard on a new stadium, maybe the Islanders wouldn't be stuck where they are.

s/t to Deadspin.

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