Leafs fan gets sucker punched, knocked out for his birthday at Bruins game

Kyle Hay is a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who exists somewhere between the realms of incredibly brave and undeniably crazy: He attended Game 2 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals in Boston proudly wearing his Leafs sweater with matching blue mask.

Again: A Leafs fan. In Boston. During the playoffs.

Still, that decision should never lead to this unconscionable violence: Hay was knocked out cold by a sucker punch after the Leafs defeated the Boston Bruins in Game 2.

That punch resulted in Hay getting three staples in the back of his head, a swollen cheek and a concussion (paging Brendan Shanahan). He doesn’t remember the end of the first Maple Leafs playoff victory since 2004.

Hay and his friend Bryan spoke with Steve Dangle of The Leafs Nation about the incident:

“After the game I was blind-sided with a sucker punch while I had my mask on,” Kyle, who was also celebrating his birthday, explained. “Honestly, I do not remember what happened.”

Obviously Kyle does not remember being knocked out, so he needed his friends to fill him in. Bryan helps there. “Our buddy Patrick was the only one to see what actually happened and was with him the entire time afterwards. You can see him in the video. We came down the same stairs about two minutes later and that's when we realized what had happened. “

Comments on the YouTube video and on other forums suggest that maybe Kyle and his friends were antagonizing Bruins fans after the game, and perhaps “had it coming.” Kyle says that’s not true. “There was no chirping going on when it happened. Just a pissed off fan, I guess.”

The Leafs blog Pension Plan Puppets attempted to procure Game 3 tickets for Kyle as a “birthday” present.

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