Las Vegas NHL Super Bowl ad pushes ticket drive

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There’s a ticket drive coming up soon for Las Vegas to prove its NHL worthiness. It needs people to know that this is going on. Most importantly it needs eyeballs and ears in a space when everyone is watching.

Here’s a fantastic idea … purchase ad time during the Super Bowl. Brilliant!

Check out the advertisement from Vegas Wants Hockey:

Go to the website and there is indeed a link to the ticket drive with a giant green button.  The hope for potential owner Bill Foley is to get 10,000 commitments from $150-$900. The drive starts Feb. 10. The difficulty with the Las Vegas market is simply lack of a rock-solid base in such a transient place.

But again, if you want people to take notice, put an ad on during the game everyone is watching. And all you have to give up is money. If there’s a $450 million - $500 million expansion fee the ownership is willing to pay, a local Super Bowl ad is nothing.

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