Las Vegas Black Knights? Potential NHL owner is partial to name

Las Vegas Black Knights? Potential NHL owner is partial to name

William Foley has been making the rounds since the NHL gave its blessing for him to test the Las Vegas market with a season-ticket drive in February. 

On Saturday, he chatted with Elliotte Friedman of Hockey Night In Canada, explaining his expectations for season tickets and showing off his secret wine cellar. He also revealed what he’d name the NHL expansion team if he had his druthers: The Black Knights.

“I love the name Black Knights because I was a West Point guy, went to Army, it’s close to my heart,” he told Sportsnet. “And the black knight, many people don’t know this, is actually the good knight. And I think that Black Knights would be a great name.”

While he has his favorite, Foley admitted that the name would be chosen through the usual “name the team” contests that precede new teams' first season.

Obviously, we’re down with the Las Vegas Black Knights. It’s quite a home ice advantage when the first thing an opponent hears is NONE SHALL PASS!

Although we are a little concerned with the Las Vegas team trainers instructing players to get back on the ice because “it’s merely a flesh wound.”

Might still be worth it for the "always bet on black" jokes.

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