L.A. Kings Stanley Cup rings can probably be seen from space (Photos)

When the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup in 2012, Tiffany & Co. created their championship rings with 104 round pave set diamonds, marking the first time the famous jeweler created sports ring bling.

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Two years later, the Kings are champions again. On Monday, the players each received an iconic little blue box from Tiffany. Inside? Another diamond-encrusted keepsake from their Stanley Cup season:

Via Martin Jones
Via Martin Jones

This year’s ring has taken on the shape of the Kings’ logo, which means it’s a rather large setting.

How large? This is the hand of forward Trevor Lewis.

You know, somewhere under that enormous ring on his finger:

Via Trevor Lewis
Via Trevor Lewis

To the knuckle, people …

No word on how many diamonds this second L.A. Kings championship ring has, although initial estimates are somewhere around “all of them.”

Congrats to the Kings on their 2014 Stanley Cup. We eagerly look forward to your next championship ring, which we imagine will be a full diamond-studded boxing glove. You know, something demure, not too ostentatious.

See more over on the L.A. Kings website.

UPDATE: Here's the inside of the ring; what is #YOTMB?

UPDATE 2: Mike Altieri, the Kings' communications boss, said that this ring had the custom hashtag for himself and his staff. The players have their own personalization.

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