LA Kings rap anthem wins Stanley Cup for ridiculous flow (Video)

It hasn’t been a banner year for Stanley Cup Playoffs rap anthems.

Sure, we had an updated version of Detroit’s “Throw Your Wings Up” and Chicago’s player name-checkless “Hit The Ice” and Tampa Bay’s “Turn Down for What” inspired “We Want The Cup.” 

But like a player making a late push for the Conn Smythe, here comes Alexandra Case with the creatively titled “LA KINGS Rap for da Stanley Cup 2014!”

Let’s take a listen, shall we?

Oh … so that happened.


1. The line “I like my Bailey on ice.” Because so does my mom. And Harvey’s Bristol Crème too, for that matter.

2. Outstanding placement of plush mascot mini-dolls.

3. Ice hockey is, in fact, hands down the very best sport. Points to you Alex!


1. “Shout out to D. Sutt-uh/leading Ranger wipeout 20-14 Cup runn-ah.” You know how on bad song parodies they have to sometimes cram 14 words into a place were only three words should be, just to get the joke in? Yeah, it’s like that. 

2.  "Kings fans are the best fans/We're the No. 1 fans up in the stands." Seriously, why not: “Fan fans are the fan fans/Fans fans fans fans up fans fans fans”?

3. We refuse to live in a world where Kyle Clifford gets a shout out over Jeff Carter, Marian Gaborik and Justin Williams.

4. An LA-based rap video without a single car bouncing or ‘40’ in the air?

5. “Other sports play with their balls/instead of puck.” Well, sometimes you have nothing else to do while riding the bus, amirite fellas?

What did you think of the sick flow of “LA KINGS Rap for da Stanley Cup 2014!”?

(s/t SB Nation)

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