LA Kings goof on Gary Bettman’s shoes during White House visit

I see you, Gary Bettman

I’m the guy who wears black Sketchers with his suit at a game. Why? Because I don’t feel like packing extra shoes on the road, and you can use your black Sketchers to look like you’re vaguely wearing appropriate footwear for formal events and also use them at the gym.

Yes, wearing your sweaty gym shoes with a suit. It’s super classy, I know.

Bettman wore these … well, they look like something a S.W.A.T. team wears during amphibious drills, but these shoes to the White House celebration honoring the Los Angeles Kings.

The Kings took notice. Well, specifically, winger Marian Gaborik, who Instagram’d this image of the NHL commissioner, seen above.

Which led to this classic burn from Kings defenseman Drew Doughty.

In fairness to Bettman, escrow exists because the owners he attempts to keep from acting like irresponsible trust fun babies by shutting down the league every few years need the players to cover their losses.

In fact, the League is doing so well (i.e. printing money) under Bettman, we're not suprised he's decided to go Casual Gary at the White House. We're probably one or two Cups away from seeing him show up in Crocs.