LA Kings’ Colin Fraser and every Stanley Cup-winning father’s dream (PHOTO)

Los Angeles Kings forward Colin Fraser is actually a two-time Stanley Cup champion, having previously won with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2010. Last time, he took the Chalice to Surrey, B.C.; on Wednesday, he and his family celebrated with thousands of people in Sylvan Lake, Alberta.

This right here must have been a dream come true for Fraser:

That's Colin Fraser's son Calder, hoisting his own mini-Cup as dad holds the real deal. It's a great photo, and given the context a moving one: Please recall that Fraser actually left the Kings during the Western Conference finals to be with Calder, then 19 months old. From The Sun-Times in June:

"My son got sick and he had to go to the hospital," Fraser said. "[Going home] was a no-brainer. Family comes first. Family is forever. Hockey is just a game.

"I played planes, trains and automobiles to go back home to see him. But the team was very supportive of my decision and reassured me it was the right decision."

His son is now "back to normal," Fraser said. "All the tests came out positive and good."

The Calgary Sun has details on Fraser's day with the Cup. Said the Kings forward: "I consider myself really lucky to have won it twice and they're different — the first one is exciting because you dream of it your whole life, but the second was more satisfying because I played every game and felt like I contributed."

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