Kyle Turris wants out as Coyotes GM shoots down trade talk

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Phoenix Coyotes forward Kyle Turris has yet to play a game this season and he's running out of time before he's able to do so.

Per the CBA, if Turris, currently a restricted free agent, fails to ink a deal with the Coyotes -- or whoever -- by Dec. 1, he'll have to watch NHL Center Ice just like the rest of us.

The question became whether or not the Coyotes should pay for the present, which is 19 goals and 46 points in 131 NHL games for Turris, or do you do what many teams have done and pay for potential for a guy who was No. 3 overall in 2007?

During this whole standoff between the two parties, Coyotes GM Don Maloney has reiterated that he doesn't plan to trade Turris. The trade demand was a rumor floating out there until Thursday when Turris' agent, Kurt Overhardt, confirmed to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun that, yes, his client wants out of the desert:

"This has never been about money, we've been upfront with the club from Day 1," Overhardt told Thursday. "We've respectfully requested that the player had the opportunity to move forward in his career by having a fresh start."

Trade requests are nice and all, but Maloney is breaking out his pimp hand on this one as he told LeBrun in an email:

"There will be a point in the future Turris will have the right to decide who he wants to play for and how much he will accept.

"He is not at this stage, given his age and experience. If he wants to play in the NHL this season, he will re-sign with us. We will not trade his rights under any circumstances and are prepared to live with the consequences if he decides to sit out this, and future, seasons."

Maloney has dug in from the very beginning and after a quote like that, well, Turris might want to just take a one-year deal and move on in the summer.

There have been reported offers made to Maloney for Turris' services -- noted by Overhardt as well to LeBrun -- and you have to think that this news might get a few more teams to kick the tires on a possible deal.

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