Will Kunitz's cross-check on Varlamov draw a suspension?

(UPDATE: No suspension for Kunitz, via NHL.com.)

There was a time in the National Hockey League when you could predict when a player was going to be suspended after seeing a certain incident. These days, it's anyone's guess. Players have been punched in the head and viciously hit late after a play and the NHL's Vice President of Hockey Operations Colin Campbell sometimes declares them suspendable offenses and sometimes he doesn't see what the big fuss is about.

Well, we've got another one for Mr. Campbell from last night at the end of the Washington Capitals-Pittsburgh Penguins game. In the waning moments, as the Penguins were trying to come back from a two-goal deficit, there was action around the Washington net and Capitals goaltender Simeon Varlamov.

Chris Kunitz of the Penguins, in the middle of battling for the puck, cross-checked Varlamov in the neck/throat area. This was moments before Sidney Crosby would score his third goal of the night, cutting the Washington lead to one:

After the game Capitals head coach Bruce Boudreau made a plea to Campbell to review the incident:

"It was pretty vicious," Boudreau said. "I just saw it. It was a direct cross-check to Varly throat just before Crosby scored if you didn't see it. There was no puck there. Nothing. We hope the league takes a long look at that."

So, what say you? As we've learned so far this postseason, it'll be anyone's guess if Kunitz is suspended, but if so, how many games should he be sent to the press box for?

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