Watch Krys Barch yank out tooth in penalty box, toss it to fan (Updated)

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Hockey players lose teeth. It's a way of life. Why, just three weeks ago, cameras caught John Tavares plucking a loose tooth at the Islanders' bench. Two weeks ago, we saw Pascal Dupuis popping out two chiclets and handing them to his trainer at the Penguins' bench.

And now, because these things always tend to come in threes, here's Krys Barch popping one of his teeth out in the penalty box and offering to toss it to a fan.

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See, for normal people, yanking one's own tooth out would be a pretty traumatic moment. You're probably not in the mood to say much after it happens, let alone chirp a bunch of drunken fans. But hockey players aren't like you and I. Heck, Barch used the dislodged tooth to fake them out.

But he totally should have thrown the tooth.

It's a shame for the fan who would have caught it, because that's not a tooth you put under your pillow. You put it on eBay and let the tooth fairy bid on it along with everyone else.

Pretty punk rock moment from Barch.

UPDATE: Reader Matt F. emails in proof that his nephew was the lucky recipient of Barch's tooth (some NSFW language):

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