Kris Letang on Ovechkin slash: 'Apparently my leg was a puck'

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Kris Letang on Ovechkin slash: 'Apparently my leg was a puck'
Kris Letang on Ovechkin slash: 'Apparently my leg was a puck'

It’s open season on Alex Ovechkin. First there was Ryan Getzlaf calling Ovi a diver. Now it’s Kris Letang taking offense to Ovi's slash on him in a Tuesday evening contest that sent Letang flying into the boards. He left the game briefly, but eventually returned. 

The quotes are from Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review:

"Apparently my leg was a puck," he said.

And then there was a little backtracking:

And then finally, Letang came up with a more even-minded approach:

"I've been in the league for a long time. First time it's happened to me. I play defense. Often guys want to shoot pucks," he said. "Never happened. I guess he thought his stick could go through my legs and hit the puck."

Here is the video in question.

Now we wait for a response from Ovechkin who made fun of Getzlaf’s lack of hair. He’ll have to find something different for Letang, who has almost too much on his melon.

Watch this gif of Chris Kunitz trying to get feisty with Ovechkin, while the latter just laughs. Love this rivalry. Did Ovi slash Letang on purpose? Was he going for the puck? With Ovechkin it's sometimes tough to tell, just because he tries to find ways to shoot from any and every situation during games. It does look like he's trying to get the puck toward the net, though using Letang's leg as collateral. 

These teams are rivals. Ovi is a big name, having a great year. This stuff happens. It’s almost starting to look petty at this point though. Then again, it depends on which side you’re on. If you don’t like Ovechkin then Getzlaf and Letang are preaching to the choir. If you do like Ovi you’re probably thinking, “Again … enough please.”

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