Kobe or LeBron? Arnold or Sly? Pavel Datsyuk’s choices

We brought you Pavel Datsyuk's wide-ranging interview with Pavel Lysenkov of SovSport on Tuesday, covering everything from Jesus Christ to mustaches.

Well, Pavel had an extra bit of conversation that we felt you might enjoy, as Datsyuk answered a few "either/or" questions about pop culture, hockey and mushrooms. Enjoy!

Q. Schwarzenegger or Stallone?

DATSYUK: “I have to go with Arnold… I had a posted of Schwarzenegger on the wall above my bed when I was young. But Terminator always scared me.”

Q. A penalty shot during the shootout, or during the game?

DATSYUK: “The latter. Because you don’t get a point added to your stats for scoring in the shootout. This year we almost don’t practice penalty shots, hence the results to cry about. Last year we had a great series of win at the Joe. This year there was another series, but of losses. We need to change…”

Q. Kobe Bryant or Lebron James?

DATSYUK: “Lebron. I like him more as a basketball player. Although I only went to NBA games a couple of times, a long time ago to watch the Pistons.”

Q. Mushroom hunting or fishing?

DATSYUK: “Eat some mushrooms, go fishing… Of course fishing! A company you’re with is important. And the place, where you wish. I am not a big fan of fishing in the ocean or the sea. But I am a fan of Russian nature.

"And it is also interesting if you can outsmart the fish. So, it is also a competition.”

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