Kings playing in 'zombie mode'

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Courtesy of Fans Edge

Courtesy of Fans Edge


The quote above was said by the San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, and Chicago Blackhawks at some point during their respective series against the LA Kings.

According to the LA Times:

The Kings have regularly defied the odds so far, dodging elimination six times and winning Game 7 on the road in each of the first two rounds ... 

Kings captain Dustin Brown answered why to John Rosen, Kings Insider, "... it’s kind of hard to explain. But at this point in the year you’re in a bit of a zombie mode, to put it best." Sadly, Brown ate Rosen's brain following the interview (unconfirmed).

The Los Angeles Kings are the undead. It makes complete sense.

How else would a team that couldn't score goals in the regular season become tops in the playoffs in goals scored per game?! Consuming the brains of the opposing team's netminders helps considerably.

Not to mention, it confirms what we've known all along about Anze Kopitar.

Courtesy of The Province
Courtesy of The Province

Only one man can save the Blackhawks now - Super Kaner.

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