Kings’ fans outside Staples ‘well-behaved’, according to LAPD; cyclist trampled

The LAPD was out in full force in Downtown Los Angeles Monday night, just to manage things if tempers began to flare. Fortunately for them, the Kings won, so the police were dealing with happy drunks, not angry drunks.

Plus the Kings' fanbase has shown their greenness at times this postseason. They probably don't know about the rich history of Stanley Cup riots in the NHL's most dedicated hockey cities. (Granted, they have a rich history of rioting for other reasons, so it's not like they don't know how.)

In any case, the atmosphere was light and, according to the LAPD, the crowd was well-behaved. From the LA Times:

Los Angeles police said Kings fans outside Staples Center were generally well-behaved Monday night as officers continued to clear the streets along Figueroa. Late Monday, police said streets in the area had been cleared.

Earlier, the LAPD credited fans with generally being well-behaved.

"The bottom line is this was a really good crowd, and they celebrated as normal adults do," said Los Angeles Police Department Cmdr. Andrew Smith as he stood near a wall of officers in riot gear on Figueroa.

Of course, since mobs are never 100% law-abiding, there was a little violence. Six people were arrested, and the LAPD had to fire less-than-lethal rounds at a crowd of people trying to rock a bus. (In their defence, it was the Vengabus.)

A few people were taken in for public drunkenness, and another person was arrested inside Staples Center for battery after he was dancing provacatively and rubbing up against a female security guard." One assumes he was drunk as well.

But if you ask me, this cyclist that just happened to find himself in the path of a happy stampede got the worst of the mob. Warning: NSFW: Graphic Violence:

According to Getty, this cyclist fell into the crowd of people stampeding away from Staples Center.

Yikes. Hope he's okay.

For the most part, the crowd was even somewhat self-regulating. As an example, this guy tries to get into it with a few people, and someone else comes up and clocks him in the back of the head with a skateboard before undercover LAPD officers take him into custody. Warning: NSFW Language.

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