Kings fans put ‘class’ in ‘classified,’ take out ads mocking Devils, Canucks fans after Cup win

Hey, remember when the Los Angeles Kings won the Stanley Cup? You probably do, since it was a week ago, but it's entirely possible that you don't because, say, you're a New Jersey Devils fan and the trauma of watching your team lose in the Final was so horrible that you have suppressed it entirely.

Unless you were the guy whose friends made his cubicle a tiny, three-walled Hell, you were probably doing just fine, too, blissful and unaware. But then, perhaps you opened up the paper Monday morning and were greeted by this delightful kiss-off from a Los Angeles Kings fan. (No, not the couple with 15 kids. Below that.)

Such a classy gesture. And only the day after we learned the worst-case scenario of the Devils' financial difficulties. What a great time to be a New Jersey fan.

This is a screenshot from the classified section of Monday's New Jersey Star-Ledger, via Mark Fischel. The ad comes, presumably, from the biggest troll in L.A.

But we'd like a name, because we want to give credit where credit is due. If you're the guy that took out this ad and you happen to read this site (and I'd be shocked if you weren't a regular commenter), flip us an email.

While we're talking about this, another Kings fan (or perhaps the same one) hit The Province in Vancouver as well.

Via Matt Dawson:

There's been a lot of chatter recently about the struggles of newspapers these days, but there's really no bigger testament to their difficulties than the fact that the Star-Ledger and The Province had to accept these guys' money.

s/t to PHT.