KHL suspends referees, demotes linesmen after blown call on Lokomotiv goal (VIDEO)

Remember that time when an official made a bad call in a game that cost one team a win? Remember when you would complain that the official should be punished for making such a terrible decision that affected a game?

Well, the KHL is way ahead of you.

During Lokomotiv's 3-2 shootout victory over Traktor, their goal that made the game 2-1 in the second period should have never counted thanks to a missed "too many men" call.

Here's video of the controversial goal:

Serious shades of Penguins-Red Wings and Avalanche-Canadiens there.

Traktor complained to the KHL after the game, and the league has responded by suspending all four officials involved in the game.

From Ria Novosti:

The KHL accepted Traktor's complaint that Lokomotiv had six players on the ice when Sergei Plotnikov made it 2-1 to the visitors in the second period.

"There was a controversial episode associated with too many men on the ice for Yaroslavl in a scoring attack," the KHL said in a website statement. "There was a grave mistake made by the referees."

"The referees were required to cite too many men for Lokomotiv and call a minor violation by the team."

The two head officials will be banned for three games, while the linesmen will not work another KHL game this season and instead have been sent down to the Russian Major League.

You know, if the NHL is really looking to make in-roads in the PR battle, maybe a public announcement of referee punishments would quell some anger next time a high-stick or offside is missed?

Just think of how much shorter Stephane Auger's career would have been.

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