KHL mascots have adorable all-star game brawl, battle in shootout (Video)

You know, the NHL and the KHL have a lot in common. Alex Radulov. Shady ownership. Hatred of the IIHF.

And, of course … MASCOTS!

They’re a little creepy. Some of them have the dirty charms of a Times Square costumed performer, and some of them look like generic versions of other better mascots, and some of them are OMG DEMONIC SNOWMAN!!!!

The KHL All-Star Game was last weekend, and the League’s furries were front-and-center during the event. Featured in the clip above: a mascot shootout. Which, in all honesty, should probably replace the regular-season shootout.

How does one measure the effectiveness of a shootout move? When the goalie literally loses his head:

In which thousands of young fans run screaming from their seats at the arena, and thousands of ice cream bars are purchased by nervous parents.

But here’s the thing: When you try to bring demon snowmen and a moose and a bear and a puma with a butterfly face together on the same ice, you can’t expect them to all get along.

Which brings us to another highlight of the KHL All-Star Game – MASCOT BRAWL!

Needed some confetti. That would have clinched it.

Ah, the mascot brawl. Providing sights we never thought we'd see, or wish we hadn't.

The End.