KHL mascot loses head on breakaway, plushies brawl at All-Star Game


It’s an annual tradition at the KHL All-Star Game: The league’s mascots engage in several skills competitions, and it all ends up with the Russian plushies engaging in a full-on brawl.

Which, to be fair, is how almost every episode of Russia’s “Sesame Street” also ends.

Last weekend, the KHL held its annual midseason classic. While Linus Omark’s fire stick shootout attempt rightfully got the most attention, we’d like to note another breakaway attempt in the mascot game that was just noteworthy …

… because as much as we respect Omark for lighting his stick on fire, it’s not like HIS FLIPPIN’ HEAD FELL OFF DURING HIS SHOOTOUT ATTEMPT!

Seriously, hands over eyes, Russian hockey moms and dads. I’m still traumatized from that time I accidently looked backstage at a Disney On Ice show.

Anyway, the mascots got into all sorts of fun during their All-Star Game events, such as the unparalleled joys of mascot curling, in which a plushie sits on a sled and is pushed around the ice. Here’s a bit of that before the event descends into its usual brawl:

Here’s a closer took at the mascot melee:

Finally, an All-Star Game where John Scott’s election as captain would have passed by without comment …

Breakaway video via Eishockey365 & DEL-Board