KHL’s Ilya Ezhov presents the season’s funkiest goalie victory dance (Video)

SKA goalie Ilya Ezhov was in a rather good mood. His team trounced Torpedo in a KHL game last week, 8-3, building a five-goal lead just 4:50 into the third period. So Ezhov did what any professional goaltender would do, which is break out his smoothest dance moves in the postgame celebration.

Somebody call my momma, because funk is on a roll …

What's Russian for dub-step anyway?

We have to say that Ezhov has put our goalie celebrations to shame. This is better than the Marc-Andre Fleury/Carey Price gangsta poses. Heck, this is better than the Avs' bang-bang dance. There's really only one player that might be able to match the KHL for goalie funk: When Jacob Markstrom gets on the Venga bus.

Between this and Evgeny Kuznetsov's kayak rowing goal celebration recently, it's pretty clear that the KHL is morphing into the goofball fun-time league. Throw in the Vityaz boys beating up everything on skates, and you pretty much have an unofficial international remake of "Slap Shot" on your hands. Starring Sergei Fedorov as Reg Dunlop, of course.

(Somewhat related note: RIP Don Cornelius.)