KHL’s Grigory Panin delivers what may be the dirtiest headshot ever (Video)

Just last month, Grigory Panin of the KHL earned a one-game suspension after a nasty hit, and we're gonna go out on a limb and say that the Ak Bars defenseman probably deserves another one.

We've seen our fair share of dirty hockey hits here at Puck Daddy. But this one, in which Panin charges forward Matt Murley, who has fallen to his knees, and drives the former Penguin's head into the dasher with his forearm, may be the dirtiest of all time:

Good Lord. Yes, you did just witness a player take stock of a vulnerable opponent, and then make the decision to skate straight at his numbers and drive the dude's head right into the dasher. You can actually see that exact moment at 1:20, as Panin sizes up Murley's head, then goes for it. That's some shameful, shameful stuff right there.

A lot of dirty hits happen in the moment, where a few degrees or a half-second might have seen a cleaner result. This thing, though -- this thing is dirty from conception to execution.

Panin was already headed to the penalty box before the hit, likely for a phantom trip. It's pretty clear from the replay that Murley drew the call with a grade-A dive, so it's also clear why Panin is so upset. I guess he felt if he was going to the box, he may as well be guilty of something.

But putting your elbow into a guy's head with the purpose of driving it into the dasher, especially when you know the whistle's going to go the moment you touch the puck, seems, well, a little over the top.

Oh, what we would give to see Brendan Shanahan's ruling on this, especially for a repeat offender like Panin. The Department of Player Safety has decided to ban Panin for, like, all the games because... well, damn, son.

UPDATE: Panin has been suspended 11 games by the KHL.

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