KHL goalie Karri Ramo presents the worst hockey own-goal of 2012 (Video)

In his defense, goalie Karri Ramo of the KHL's Avangard Omsk was just trying to help. In a game last Friday, Ivan Khlyntsev of Yugra fired a shot that deflected off of Ramo's pads. Ramo, showing cat-like reflexes, attempted to paddle the puck out of harm's way and safely to his teammates.

OK, it's more like the reflexes of an old, confused cat that's scared of its own tail. Because he didn't paddle to safety; he paddled right into the back of his own net. D'oh.

Our favorite part, outside of the announcers' laughter near the end of the clip: About 24 seconds in, when the Bill Nighy-esque Omsk coach Raimo Summanen gives the kind of slow-burn anger-stare that only a goaltender knocking the puck into his own net can create. (And please tell us that Ramo wasn't trying some hot-shot stick-to-catching glove move. Please?)

It's typically KHL custom to pull the goalie after a titanic gaffe, but Ramo remained in the game until Omsk eventually lost in the shootout, 3-2. He was pulled in 2010 when he previously found YouTube infamy: Giving up a rink-length goal on a shot from the opponents' crease.

Ramo hasn't played in North America since April 2009. He's actually been traded twice in the NHL while playing in the KHL: Having his rights sent to Montreal from Tampa Bay, and then from Montreal to Calgary in the Michael Cammalleri trade this month.

Evidently, none of these teams have the ability to stream video and/or access to the Internet.

s/t Steve Dangle.

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