Be a KHL champion with your own Gagarin Cup (Puck Treasures)

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Do you remember being a kid and playing on your local pond imagining it was Game 7, everything on the line and you scoring the winning goal to earn your team the Gagarin Cup?

No? Well, in case you wanted to -- or are in need of a new trophy for your rec league -- the KHL is giving you the opportunity to make those imaginary dreams come true.

Via the KHL online shop comes this replica Gagarin Cup at a reduced size -- 16 cm and around three pounds. The price tag? It's 24,500 rubles, which is approximately $780 USD; quite the difference in cost compared to that of the 2-foot replica Stanley Cup that goes for $299.99 USD on the NHL's online store.

Unlike the blank Stanley Cup replica (but you get white gloves!), the smaller version of the Gagarin Cup is much more lifelike compared to its real-life counterpart, even detailed with the names of each of its four champions.

With the current CBA negotiations seemingly going nowhere, the Gagarin Cup could be a trophy raised by NHLers we were hoping to see lift the Stanley Cup sometime in June. The mass exodus of NHLPA members to European clubs over the past couple of days makes this lockout incredibly real and depressing and leaves us wondering when it will all finally end. Until then, it'll be online streams of games from Russia, Sweden, Finland and wherever else, with our handy Gagarin Cup on our mantles as we root for Yugra.

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