Keith Jones of NBC rips Alex Radulov to shreds during Coyotes vs. Predators Game 2 (VIDEO)

Round of applause for Keith Jones of NBC Sports Network, please.

This evisceration of Alex Radulov's performance in Games 1 and 2 for the Nashville Predators against the Phoenix Coyotes in the Western Conference semifinals is one of the finest, most scathing examples of analysis we've seen on a U.S. hockey telecast — maybe the best we've seen anywhere this season:

"Uh, I'm not gonna take anybody but now I'm angry and I'm gonna break my stick …" That's some Mystery Science Theater 3000-level cynical description right there.

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Radulov was a minus-3 with one shot heading into the third period for the Predators, who trailed in the game at this point. He had five points in six playoff games heading into Game 2, including a goal and an assist in the elimination game against the Detroit Red Wings.

Against the Coyotes? He's been a passenger, and Jones nailed him for it.

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