Kathryn Tappen roasts Mike Milbury: ‘They actually pay you money?’ (Video)

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Mike Milbury of NBCSN is one of those studio analysts that you listen to bloviate and wonder, ‘Wouldn’t it be great if someone on that stage would just take the piss out of him for the stuff he’s spewing?’ 

On Sunday night, that someone was NBCSN host Kathryn Tappen.

She asked Milbury the difference between Games 1 and 2 for Florida Panthers goalie Roberto Luongo, as he had a rather bad first game and a rather great Game 2.

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“Well he stopped the puck more often, I think that’s obvious,” said Milbury, who went on to restate his thesis using different words over the next 20 seconds, but not really doing much, you know, “analyzing.”

This led Tappen to drop Mad Mike with a verbal haymaker:

“They actually pay you money to make a comment like that, too,” she said.

“What’d I say?!” asked Milbury.

“Stopped more pucks than he did in Game 1 … thanks,” replied Tappen.

Now before we go inventing some sort of on-air strife between the two: Milbury and Tappen have been working together for years, first on NESN in Boston and now on NBCSN. So this was likely good-natured ribbing.

But over that time, she’s clearly perfected the art of taking the piss out of him. God’s work, really. 

Or as Eliza Eaton-Stern tweeted:

s/t Reddit for the video.


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