Kalamazoo Wings sued for being poor guests

Eight months after the alleged incident, the Kalamazoo Wings, formerly of the IHL, are being sued by the Allen County Board of Commissioners in Fort Wayne, Indiana for damage done to the visiting locker room at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum back in December.

It's obvious that the K-Wings were inspired by the 1998 U.S Olympic men's hockey team. Unlike the Americans who took their anger out on chairs and fire extinguishers over a decade ago, the Kalamazoo players are accused of using fire to relieve their post-game stress:

The damage includes a singed and burned handicapped bench, shower head and toilet seat. Additionally, the rubberized floor was damaged along with the walls and floors in the shower.

County officials say repairing the floor, and the epoxy coating on the walls will cost more than nine thousand dollars. That's money that, for now, the Komets have coughed up, as mandated in their lease with the Coliseum. However, county officials feel ultimately, whomever did the damage should foot the bill.

The Board is suing for about $10 thousand which they claim is tax payer money. Fort Wayne lost to Kalamazoo 2-1 that night, so maybe the K-Wings got a wee bit excited over a late-December victory. Kalamazoo owner, Wade Welsh denied his team was responsible.

WANE has video of the fire damage that still remains inside the locker room and you'll see that either the team hot plate malfunctioned or someone was testing our their junior arsonist set.

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