Justin Bieber crashes Atlanta hockey practice, skates in gold chains

Justin Bieber is a lot of things. Entertainer. Bad driver. High flier.Yoga inspiration. But he’s also a hockey player, much to the chagrin of everyone who wants to disown him for that whole standing on the Blackhawks logo thing, and for generally being Justin Bieber.

Need evidence? The Biebs crashed a club hockey practice in Atlanta on Tuesday night and played some puck.

In gold chains. And skinny pants. Again, because Justin Bieber is why.

Bieber and his entourage rolled up in limos to the Marietta Ice Center in Cobb County (R.I.P. Big Boss Man), where about 40 people were skating and mulling around, including some members of the Atlanta Knights, including Jacob Ruggiero. He alerted his sister Alex that the Biebs was in the rink and on the ice, and she rushed over to witness his hockey glory.

From Access Atlanta, her friend Ally McCarthy explains:

"We watched him play with a bunch of other club hockey players for a while and he was really good! He took pictures with some hockey players on the sideline. Then he left and we didn’t manage to get any pictures with him because there were a lot of hockey players and fans surrounding him which was understandable! But we managed to get those pictures of him and a quick hello as he walked out!"

Annnnnnd faints.

Here’s Justin Bieber, playing hockey:

Again, we’re a little hazy about league regulations for rocking ropes of gold bling around his neck, but we are impressed that he was willing to sacrifice the Bieber hair with that lid. As Eddie Olczyk would say, pay attention all you kids out there.

Bieber put a video of himself playing hockey on his Instagram, and at no point does he get arrested or pees in a mop bucket, which is a welcome change.

All that said: Pretty cool to have him drop by to play some puck. Sure, he may be an out-of-control fame-corrupted pop tart who is pissing away talent for the sake of his own self-destruction, but darn it, he’s hockey’s out-of-control fame-corrupted pop tart who is pissing away talent for the sake of his own self-destruction …

Photo via @Bieber_rose