For just $4,000, you too can dress exactly like Mike Peluso

It always bugged us that there two guys named Mike Peluso who played in the NHL around the same time. The NHLPA should have demanded that the second dude legally change his name to Michael J. Peluso or something.

Peluso the Greater played for the Chicago Blackhawks, Ottawa Senators, New Jersey Devils, St. Louis Blues and Calgary Flames from 1990-98. He was one of the most dependable brawlers in hockey, finishing his career with 1,951 PIM. He's also famous for weeping like someone's great aunt at a screening of "The Notebook" as the Devils won the Cup in '95.

Unless you're a Crash Line completist, we're not sure why anyone would want to drop $4,000 on a set of game-used equipment from Mike Peluso's storied career, as is available on eBay as we speak. Especially when a game-worn Colin Campbell Vancouver Canucks' 'Flying V' jersey could be had for $50 cheaper.

Nevertheless, there's a Frankenstein-ish collection of Peluso gear for sale: Flames pants, skates from the Cup playoffs, a Senators travel bag, Devils gloves, a stick used in Chicago Stadium and an autographed picture with the Stanley Cup. We assume it's all been washed, which seriously limits the possibilities for genetic cloning.

The seller is based out of Edina, MN, which was a known address for Peluso amongst autograph hounds as of 2007. While we can't determine the identity of eBay user "88888865," this coincidence at least opens up the possibility of a Kenny Powers-like purging of athletic keepsakes by Mikey and/or someone in his circle of trust -- and not just because Peluso used to rock the same mullet.

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