Jori Lehtera’s nasty penalty shot goal baffles KHL All-Star goalie (VIDEO)

Puck Daddy

We’ll assume goalie Rastislav Staňa in this Kontinental Hockey League clip is doing his traditional all-star game duty and allowing the shooter to score with ease – after all, there were a combined 29 goals scored between the two KHL All-Star teams in Chelyabinsk on Sunday.

But this penalty shot by Jori Lehtera – a 2008 St. Louis Blues draft pick who plays for Sibir Novosibirsk – is still a nasty goalie nightmare machine, as he makes a move without making a move to score:

Had Pavel Datsyuk made this move, we’d be calling for a bronze statue to built in its honor outside the Joe.

Then again, had this move been made during a shootout, we’d be killing it as the kind of nonchalant nonsense we expect to see in a skills competition. Because if someone isn’t whining about the shootout, you’re probably not reading Puck Daddy.

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