Jordin Tootoo celebrates power-play goal with odd turkey dance (Video)

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The New Jersey Devils and Ottawa Senators got off to an odd start in their game on Thursday night.

The Sens took two minor penalties in the first period. That’s not that odd. The fact that the Devils scored two power-play goals and the Senators scored a shorthanded goal in 1 minute and 30 seconds during those penalties? Yeah that’s odd.

But weirder still was the celebration by Jordin Tootoo of the Devils on their second goal. No, not that he was on the power play – welcome to the 2015-16 New Jersey Devils – but that Tootoo went into some bizarre flappy-armed chicken dance and/or flexing exhibition.

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No idea, really. Our best guess is that he was celebrating the chicken sandwich, the mortal enemy of the hamburger, a.k.a. Andrew Hammond's jam.

Here’s another look:

Again, this is something you expect to see after one of Tootoo’s fights, not after a power-play goal. Mainly because he does one a lot and the other not-so-often. And by that we mean this was his fifth career power-play goal in his 614th NHL game.  

UPDATE: We may have solved the Jordin Tootoo celebration mystery. Not chicken ... turkey. 

Gobble gobble!


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