Jonathan Toews Is Not Impressed With Team Canada Jerseys (Puck Daddy Reader Art Contest, Gallery 2)

Johnny Grumpy Cat does not approve of these new sweaters. Not one bit. (Via reader Jon Schreiber.)

To reset the meme: The Team Canada Olympic jerseys for Sochi 2014 leaked last week via a photoshoot with Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews. The jerseys were met with widespread negativity; Toews had a dumbfounded look on his face that seemed to speak volumes; or, at the very least, inspired some amazing Photoshop tomfoolery.

And, of course, a Puck Daddy Reader Art Contest.

The first gallery of entries featured Toews getting twerked by Miley, fading away in a “Back To The Future” photograph and sadly assessing Justin Bieber standing on the Blackhawks’ logo in their dressing room. Now, it’s time for Gallery 2 of this nonsense.

Please recall this is actually a contest. The prizes so far, with more to come.

* A hockey book two-pack featuring Jeremy Roenick’s “J.R.” and Ken Campbell’s “Selling The Dream.”

* Two unopened boxes of Panini Prime and Dominion Cards from the 2011-12 season, and aa box of 2012-13 Panini Score hockey cards

* A Yahoo Sports prize pack that includes swag and what we imagine will be a miniature piece of sports equipment that’s purple.

We’ll take entries for the contest through Wednesday, Sept. 11, closing this out at noon ET. Email to

New, Gallery 2 of the Jonathan Toews Is Not Impressed With Team Canada Jerseys Puck Daddy reader art contest, in which we go from the moon to Middle Earth and beyond …

And here … we … go.

You'd think Toews would be impressed by man landing on the moon, given that the Canadian space program amounts to a beaver on a hang glider. Alas, that's not the case. Via Mike Parker.

And via Randy Kurta.

As you'll see, reader Erick Fockler really brought it for this contest. This Ryan Kelser effort is ... well, you can't expect a Blackhawk to put over a Canuck, can you?

Speaking of Vancouver, Toews is not impressed with Harrison Mooney's vocal stylings. Or his mom jeans. Via @m1ndhive

Lest anyone believe Toews' frustration is contained to British Columbia, here he is in Alberta. Via Capital_Gains651.

Toews doesn't believe you never slice, judge. Via Brayden Woods.

Via Bad Monkey, a rather wonderful commentary on Mr. Toews' personality.

Completing our movie hat trick, James Gordon says "Argo [expletive] yourself."

Erick Fockler again, getting inside the mind of Team USA and Penguins coach Dan Bylsma.

Fockler again, giving us a glimpse of Toews reacting to Team USA's gold medal.

PD contest MVP 'molotovmaz' with Toews' reaction to Ovechkin's back tats.

YOU SHALL NOT PASSSSSSS (unless it's to Kaner)! (Via Jordan Blankenbiller)

Ruby Lopez II with the Robin Sparkles image you've been waiting for.

Lest you believe Harrison Mooney would be the only PD writer getting the gears here, Tim Kaczar takes on Ryan Lambert.

And finally ...

Brilliance from 'molotovmaz'.