Jonathan Toews Is Not Impressed With Team Canada Jerseys (Puck Daddy Reader Art Contest, Gallery 1)

(Image via Rachel Lewis)

Canadian and American hockey fans don’t often see eye-to-eye around Olympic time, but we’ve found common ground on one issue leading up to Sochi: The ghastly nature of some of the design elements on Nike’s new jerseys.

Canadian fans mocked the U.S. team’s weird corporate logo, fake laces and shimmering stars … until their own jersey was leaked on Thursday, revealing a corporate logo, fake laces and shimmering Maple Leafs.

The jerseys were met with a collective shrug, followed by a “WTF?” followed by vomit. Look on Jonathan Toews’s face said it all … and sparked a Photoshop frenzy on social media.

A frenzy we’re more than happy to let loose here on Puck Daddy.

Since it’s been waaaaaay too long since our last Reader Art Contest, we’re proud to announce this new one: Take Unimpressed Jonathan Toews. Photoshop him wherever you please. Send it to us at, where we will see it and giggle and post it in a gallery and then eventually in a huge Flickr gallery of all the entries.

And, of course: Win stuff.

The prizes so far, with more to come.

* A hockey book two-pack featuring Jeremy Roenick’s “J.R.” and Ken Campbell’s “Selling The Dream.”

* Two unopened boxes of Panini Prime and Dominion Cards from the 2011-12 season.

* A Yahoo Sports prize pack that includes swag and what we imagine will be a miniature piece of sports equipment that’s purple.

We’ll take entries for the contest through Wednesday, Sept. 11, closing this out at noon ET. Email to

Now … prepare to be impressed with Unimpressed Jonathan Toews.

And here … we … go.

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Rick City again, with the Gregory Campbell burn.

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And finally, this is about the Canada jersey and not Jonathan Toews, but it's just too good not to post.

Via @CapitalsHill, a young Celine Dion.