Your ‘Jonathan Toews Is Not Impressed’ Reader Art Contest Winners

Jonathan Toews was a deer in the headlights when he was asked to wear Team Canada’s new Olympic sweaters at a photo shoot earlier this month. His stunned comportment became an instant meme and, in turn, the basis of our latest Puck Daddy Reader Art contest.

The first gallery of entries featured Toews getting twerked by Miley, fading away in a “Back To The Future” photograph and sadly assessing Justin Bieber standing on the Blackhawks’ logo in their dressing room.

The second gallery saw Toews as Grumpy Cat, unimpressed with the moon landing and with a naked Ryan Kesler.

All of entries – and you can view them in a gallery at the end of this post – showed off the kind of twisted ingenuity we’ve come to love in these contests. But five stood about the rest.

Coming up, the winners of our Jonathan Toews Is Unimpressed With Team Canada’s Jerseys reader art contest …

First, we must put the spotlight on some honorable mentions deserving of praise, including that deer in the headlights bit from LGR.

Kevin Bristol presents nightmare fuel with this Toews/McKayla Maroney mashup.

Richard Miller with, perhaps, the greatest “Don’t Taze (Toews) Me Bro” joke ever made.

Finally, an opus from John Schultz.

And now, the big winners of the contest …

5. “Back To The Future” by Matt R.

4. Toews spies on Patrick Kane in that Vancouver limo, via Brad Flavell.

3. Trevor Ezaki’s amazing “Doctor Who” tribute.

2. Rachel Lewis with this unforgettable Miley Cyrus ‘Shop.

1. But the big winner is, of course, the inspired lunacy by Eric M. Kochanski, as Toews is to blame for that Phil Kessel Olympic photo.

Here's the full gallery, or view it over on Flickr here.