Jonathan Toews believes it’s selfish, wrong to pee during game play (Video)

In a public service announcement played before Chicago Blackhawks games, captain Jonathan Toews has a strongly worded message for those fans that would dare leave their seats during play:

“Sometimes when watching a hockey game at United Center, it’s easy to want to get up and go to the bathroom when the puck is in play. I know what you’re thinking: ‘I just gotta go.’ But leaving your seat during game play isn’t FUNNY. It’s selfish and wrong. Stay in your seat during game play.”

The single greatest thing about this video is the way Captain Serious attempts to intentionally act serious, and the result is that it looks like Toews is tying to explode your brain inside your skull like it’s an especially gruesome anime.

This “The More You Know” video has been kicking around since earlier this season, but it’s great. And more than that, it’s a life lesson, people.