Jonathan Toews beats Brooks Orpik for highlight-reel outdoor goal (Video)

Much was made of the first ever head-to-head between Jonathan Toews and Sidney Crosby, and for good reason. That's a fair fight.

Much less fair? Jonathan Toews versus Brooks Orpik. Toews won that one in a walk, and I mean that literally. Watch him walk right around Orpik to the goal:

I'd say this was the prettiest moment of the night, but with the snow falling all around, the whole night was pretty pretty.

Not Brooks Orpik's finest moment. (His finest moment was probably when he was named to the U.S. Olympic team, a fine moment that doesn't happen if this moment happens first.)

But let's not come down too hard on Orpik. Toews made it look so effortless.

But he knew how awesome that was. You don't celebrate that hard for lame goals. Toews fist-pumps along the far boards, then leaps into his own bench because he knows he just made the highlight of the night.

It's even more amazing when you consider that handling the puck on the snowy ice was a pretty tall order for everyone else, as it usually is at these outdoor games. Smooth puck-movers like Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith lost the puck in the snow several times.

Meanwhile, Toews is out there dancing like Cab Calloway.

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